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3B NETlab ™

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1.750,00 kr
Varenummer: 3b1000544
Kategorier: / Elevforsøg 3B NETlab

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3B NETlab

3B NETlab ™ 3B NETlab ™
3B NETlab ™3B NETlab ™
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3B NETlab

Varenavn 3B NETlab ™
Varenummer 3b1000544
Type nr. U11310
Evt. katalog sider Physics
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Engelsk beskrivelse

3B NETlab™:
• Comprehensive range of data processing functions, including tangents, integration, curve matching, all kinds of formula calculations and interpolation.
• Data acquisition with date and time of each measurement.
• Recording and processing several series of measurements.
• Presentation of data in the form of graphs or tables, analogue or digital multimeter functions.
• Easy configuration of sensor and experiments on the basis of predefined experiment files.
• Text windows for comments about the experiment.
• Support for analogue and digital sensors.
• Automatic identification of sensors.

3B NETlab™ is a data acquisition and data processing program for the 3B NETlog™ interface that can also be operated in a network. As it is based on ActiveX technology, all the available functions can be integrated into web pages that can be displayed and used with the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
The main function of 3B NETlab™ is computer aided experimentation for science education. For that purpose, a large number of experiment instructions are available in the form of web pages. Users can navigate through these in the same way as they would browse the Internet and all the operations can be controlled with the help of facilities incorporated into the web pages at appropriate points.
Experiment instructions for carrying out experiments can also be written by teachers using standard HTML tools and the programming environment made available for the purpose. All kinds of Internet tools and technologies, such as multimedia sequences, animations, films, etc. can be incorporated into the experiment files.
A software measuring lab is available for solo experimentation that leverages all the functions of the functions of 3B NETlog™ interface device. A wide range of graphical tools is available for processing experimental data.
Thanks to its networking capability, 3B NETlab™ is ideally suited for use in schools. It enables teachers to check on the status and results of student’s experiments from their own desk. Conversely, an experiment that is being carried out by the teacher can be followed by students on their own monitor screens.

3B NETlab™ contains a specified location license for the normal use of the computer program throughout a school or educational establishment, including the preparation of school or student work at home.

System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher
Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon 600 MHz or higher
128 MB RAM
100 MB free hard-disk space
Monitor with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels or higher
USB port

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