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12.934,00 kr
Varenummer: B-290TB
Kategorier: / Mikroskoper fra Optika / B-190TB og B-290TB Denne serie indeholder alle de erfaringer, som OPTIKA har opn

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Denne serie indeholder alle de erfaringer, som OPTIKA har opn

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Denne serie indeholder alle de erfaringer, som OPTIKA har opn

Varenavn B-290TB
Varenummer B-290TB
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Engelsk beskrivelse

This series incorporates all the experience gathered by OPTIKA.
Microscopes in the field of light microscopy, adapted specifically for
routine laboratory brightfield applications.
These microscopes are suitable for routine microscopy and have an
ergonomic design for comfortable long-term use.
Optika is glad to introduce a new member of this key series:
The B-290TB. EXCEPTIONAL OPERABILITY You can rotate the tablet on the microscope in all directions, so it can be used as a microscope demonstration. Tablet PC can be easily detached from the microscope and used as a laptop. PATENT PENDING Optical system & objectives: The optical system has been developed for demanding
users; it consists of high quality components which
guarantee an high image contrast and an excellent optical
resolution. The optical components have been designed
and treated with special techniques to prevent the
formation of moulds and fungus. Stand: The stand has a modern and ergonomic design. It is easy to move the microscope thanks to the large opening behind the revolving
nosepiece, to be used as a handle. The opening allows the user to see clearly the objectives and the samples, as requested in discussion
groups. Mechanics: The moving parts are made by means of machine tools with computerized numerical control. In this way we have reduced
the manufacturing tolerance and increasing the reliability of the instrument. The strict controls on materials and production processes are
optimized through the procedures established by ISO 9001:2008 quality system. Illumination: X-LED type with white LED; light intensity control using a knob on left side of the frame.
LED power 3.6W, comparable to a 50W halogen bulb. Camera: Digital camera resolution: 3.14 MegaPixels
Signal output: USB 2.0
Sensor size: 1/2.5”
Sensor technology: CMOS
Image format: 4/3 Full
Image Size: 2048x1536. NO driver (microsoft driver).
Capture fetures: continuous auto exposure, image size, image capture, compressed video capture.
Control parameters: brightness, gain, exposur time, colors, color enhancement.. Tablet PC: Equipped with Windows 8.1 operating system.
2GB standard memory.
32GB capacity flash memory.
8’’ screen size.
Equipped with an Intel quad-core atom.
Battery life up to 8 hours.
You can connect a USB keyboard or mouse WiFi
and then use as a desktop PC always
connected to the microscope.

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